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Chinese New Year Fair 2017

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Tuesday, Jan 24 at 11/F Playground

At the Fair, students will celebrate the Year of Rooster with lucky plants and flowers, feast on traditional food and candies, and share laughs through fun and games.  The Fair will be on the 11/F playground, with each Lower School grade visiting the Fair. 
Only CISPA tokens can be used at the Chinese New Year Fair.  Tokens are in increments of $100.  $100 represents 1 bag of 20 tokens.  We suggest ordering more than 1 bag per student.
Purchase your child’s tokens with credit cards online here beginning from January 6 - 19, 2017.  All purchased tokens will be distributed to the homeroom on the day of the Fair. 
Here is a rough guidance as to how much games, merchandise, and flowers cost on the day of the fair, prices may vary on the day of the fair:
- 3 - 4 Games 2 token each turn
- Photo 10 tokens each
- Arts 1 - 6 tokens each turn
- Merchandise 1 - 40 tokens
- Food 1 - 4 tokens each item of 2 - 3 (Siu Mai - 1 token for 3)

Please click here to volunteer some of your time to help bring in a rousing Year of the Rooster. 


For more information please visit CISPA Website