At CDNIS, the Lower School teachers organise three sessions of activities and clubs for Primary and Junior students. In each session, students can choose the activities that most interest them. Some of the activities offered are: Chinese pin yin and Chinese board games, bingo, ping pong, board games, computers, clay modelling, English embroidery, knitting, and other types of arts and crafts.

A broad range of activities is also offered to Upper School students. This program provides the students with the opportunity to pursue their own interests. In each of the three sessions, students may take part in: Upper School Student Councils, Christian youth club, athletic committee, dance club, drama club, rock band, art club, yearbook club, Chinese games, and an environmental club. The sessions are usually offered during the lunchtime or after school.


The focus of the intramural program is to maximise student participation. The students compete in a controlled competitive environment where fair play and sportsmanship are common goals.

In the elementary school, three intramural activities are offered throughout the year. Students can sign up and play for professionally named teams and feel like stars! In the Primary grades, soccer, floor hockey and dodgeball are offered and in the Junior grades, soccer, handball and floor hockey are played.

The intramurals are organized a little differently in the Upper School whereby the students themselves organize many of their own activities. This year the intramurals have included basketball, soccer, and floor hockey.

Whatever their age, students are placed in a team and compete for that team at lunchtimes throughout the year. Students receive points for their team in competition for the year-end trophy.

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