About Us

Since its opening in May 2008, the Leo Lee Arts Centre has hosted myriad events and performances in many areas of this stunning venue. From catered receptions, student performances, and conferences in the entrance foyer and balcony area, to music and dramatic performances, meetings, training workshops, school assemblies and awards events onstage, this arts centre is truly living up to its vision of being a vital support to the CDNIS family and beyond.

With the theatre’s state-of-the-art audio & visual system, cinema-size screen and projection system and uniquely designed stage area, the Leo Lee Arts Centre has already hosted presentations from world-class universities, performances by world-renowned choirs, authors and music educators, environmental organizations, and more.

Members of the Hong Kong community at large are also discovering this unique and dynamic venue. Local arts organizations are recognizing the opportunities for performance events, film screenings and recording sessions in the fully equipped theatre and visual arts exhibits throughout the foyer and public areas of the Arts Centre. The theatre has hosted local businesses for their large staff meetings, featuring simul-broadcast translation services in Cantonese and Japanese.


Our Signature Patron of the Arts
Dr. The Honorable Leo T.H. Lee