Lower School New Parent Orientation

The New Parent Orientation will be from 10am-11:15am on Friday, August 16 so new families should plan to come to Open House before 10am. All parents who will attend the New Parent Orientation are asked to sign up no later than Monday, August 12.

Parents of Pre Reception and new Reception and Preparatory students are kindly requested to make arrangements for child-minding during this time (10am-11am). Please contact the school if you need assistance with this. New Grade 1 to Grade 6 students will take the Chinese Placement tests at this time.

Lower School Mandarin Placement Assessment (Friday, August 16, 10am–11am at Chinese Culture Centre). Questions about the Mandarin Programme can be sent to Director of Chinese Studies, Ms Penny Pan at pennypan@cdnis.edu.hk.

IF you have any questions about the Lower School, please contact winniemccarthy@cdnis.edu.hk.