Mindfulness @ CDNIS


Mindfulness in the Classroom

Incorporating a consistent mindfulness practice into the curriculum is great way to promote social and emotional learning in the classroom. It helps students cultivate confidence in life and creates a classroom environment that's primed for learning. Most importantly, the benefits students gain from practicing mindfulness will have a lasting effect both inside and outside the classroom. Canadian International School of Hong Kong understands the benefits of incorporating a mindfulness practice into its curriculum as it allows students to become more engaged and empowered to learn.

CDNIS is pleased to host Paws b training by MiSP September 13-15. This 3-day programme is aimed at educators and provides easy-to-incorporate mindfulness lessons and strategies to help students focus their attention, improve self-regulation, build resilience, and develop a positive mindset.

To learn more about this programme, please contact Shelly Chutke, while this article by Hong Kong Tatler highlights mindfulness at CDNIS.