Upper School New Parent Orientation

Parents and students will meet in the LLAC Lobby by 9:30am. Student Ambassadors will then take new students to their Mandarin placement assessments in the Chinese Cultural Centre while members of the Senior Leadership Team and other Upper School staff meet with the parents. Please complete the CDNIS Upper School New Parent/Student Orientation – Online Registration Form by Friday, July 27 if you wish to attend.

New students in Grades 7-11 who will take Chinese in this academic year have need to take a Mandarin class placement assessment at CDNIS in the Chinese Cultural Centre. Information on the different streams and levels can be found via this link or visit the Chinese Studies website. Students who are new to Chinese or not taking it at all will receive an orientation by the student.

Students will also participate in the Learning & Teaching Technology (LTT) Orientation from 12:45pm-2:00pm in Room 706. Please ensure you have ordered the appropriate laptop and bring it with you if you have received it. A leaner laptop will be provided to students that have not yet received their laptop. Please see “MacBook and iPad programme” on page 10 regarding Upper School laptop requirements. Students will be introduced to the use of Apple laptops and software for school use. Contact John Turner at johnturner@cdnis.edu.hk if you will not be in Hong Kong for this orientation or if you have any technology-related questions.